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The Monday Herd | So Fresh and So Clean

First off, Happy New Year!  I hope it was extra rad.

I love the night before the new year, I love the anticipation, I love the count down and I love the fresh start.  To say the least, we’ve been drool’n for the new year.  We couldn’t wait for it, but that’s not to say that 2010 was no good.  2010 was phenomenal it brought a lot of change for us; most of which was good.  I have a good feeling about 2011 too.  We already have a lot planned, some new experiences( a few lengthy vacations to places I have not been)  a lot of anticipation for the up-coming wedding season with Nikki and hopefully some good changes with us here at Ty Foster Photography.

The Herd and I decided to make a new years resolution a month earlier; we decided to eliminate all the extra ‘stuff’ in our lives and try and curb our wanting for new stuff.  Ya know what I am talking about, all the redundancy in our lives; extra clothes, extra books, extra computer stuff lying around, extra shoes, extra furniture…….. just extra stuff.  We have already donated 2 bags of clothing a whole bunch of coats, eliminated a book case and purged a bunch of junk.  I can say that so far we are sticking with it and it feels wonderful.  What’s your new years resolution?!

Have an extra rad first Monday of the year!!

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