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The Monday Herd: Dogs Voice

Dogs Voice: Portraits in support of the fair and equal treatment of pitbulls.

As humans it’s in our nature to forgive, whether it’s religious beliefs, time or just the need to move forward; we yearn for closure.  As a society we collectively move forward and forgive, for example; the financial collapse where some of the largest financial institutions took advantage of us and essentially robbed us blind, BP who contributed to the largest oil spill in history destroying ecosystems and along with it, lively-hoods, and lets not forget the NSA who has been spying on us for who knows how long.  For the most part, the majority of us have forgiven these faceless organizations and moved on.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, if we didn’t forgive, we as a collective whole would not buy gas from BP we would invest our money elsewhere and we would protest over the NSA, but we don’t, we forgave instead.  Now, why is it that we still insist on thinking pitbulls are dangerous?  Perhaps it’s because they don’t have a massive media presence explaining to the public the facts rather than the rumors.  It’s because they don’t have a loud enough voice.

After seeing the brilliant PR campaign that the UN Woman organization did, I wanted to apply it to those with no voice in the dog community, those who need others to speak for them.  I believe there are many breeds that need a louder voice, but I believe that pitbulls are a breed in particular that not only need a louder voice but one that speaks from experience and truth rather than rumor.
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