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Heckscher Wild: Documenting non native species

Earlier this year the Stamford Nature Center, whom I had recently photographed their domestic farm animals for, asked if I would come by and photograph their non native, exotic animals.  The images were going to be a part of their new exhibit: Heckscher Wild.  The new exhibit will give visitor the ability to experience; geckos, snakes, chinchillas, sugar flyers, and others up close and personal.  Each species is absolutely fascinating and its one thing to have read about these animals online but it is an entirely different experience to see them up close and have a knowledgable staff member give you the full lowdown.  I suppose I was a bit spoiled to have interacted with each individual animal.  The new exhibit opens March 7th.

Fischers Chameleon
Corn Snake
Green Tree Boa
Crested Gecko


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