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Pocket Crops | January twenty fifteen

iphone photography of ski patrons at killington ski resort

Disposability comes to mind when I think of pictures taken with a phone.  I, like most just grab my phone snap away and then shove it back in my pocket.  That was the end of the line for the majority of those images until I began to integrate all those images into my lightroom catalogue.  I decided to pull those images out and introduce them to the light of day.  Pocket crops will be that shepard.  Each month i’ll post my favorite iphone images here, so to start this off properly I’ll start with January.


iphone photography of a dog in the sun
iphone photography of an american flag in the woods

Total accident I stumbled upon this flag.  Nature called and my walk into the woods presented this

iphone photography of a ski hut at killington ski mt

a little out of bounds skiing at Killington


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