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Diesel, French police dog dies in line of duty

The French Police tweeted out this image today after the suicide bomber detonated her vest this morning.  Diesel, seven years old, passed away in the line of duty while entering the apartment.

“Perhaps it was the spirit of the time and the place that affected me. But I assure you no occurrence of any of my other battlefields impressed me so keenly. I halted on my tour to gaze on the spectacle, and to reflect on its meaning.  This soldier, I realized, must have had friends at home and in his regiment; yet he lay there deserted by all except his dog. I looked on, unmoved, at battles which decided the future of nations. Tearless, I had given orders which brought death to thousands. Yet here I was stirred, profoundly stirred, stirred to tears. And by what? By the grief of one dog. I am certain that at the instant I felt more ready than at any other time to show mercy toward a supliant foe-man. I could understand just then the tinge of mercy which led Achilles to yield the corpse of his enemy, Hector, to the weeping Priam” – Napoleon Bonaparte

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