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Canine Collective |Breeds of the AKC

whippet, mastiff portrait, canine collective

188.  The current total number of breeds in the AKC.  77.  The total number of breeds we have photographed.  111 left to track down.

This is the Canine Collective.  Our largest and certainly our most ambitious project.  Growing up I had a massive poster on my wall titled “Dogs of the World”, if my memory serves me right, I picked up this bad boy at a local dog food/supply store that has since gone out of business.  I would look at all the dogs on the poster and think; “Man!  There are so many crazy looking dogs in the world”.  Well, 20 years later I thought; “What if I tackled this poster myself?  What if I photographed all the dogs in the world, that would be a wild idea”.  That’s it.  That’s the story, and with the first 77 dogs photographed we are well on our way.  Below is a small sampling of some of the dogs, the rest can be viewed here.

American_Hairless_Terrier, canine collective
Irish Red and white setter dog, canine collective

spanish water dog, mastiff, canine collective

Shih Tzu, canine collective

Mudi, canine collective
Pharaoh Hound portrait, canine collective

Siberian Husky, portrait, canine collective

Welsh Springer Spaniel, canine collective

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