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Raptor Rehabilitation | Horizon Wings

It’s always a treat when you are up close and personal with an animal that stops and you in your tracks.  There is something raw and beautiful about a wild animal.  It’s been a while, but as soon as I was within arms reach of these raptors I was floored, these were impressive creatures.  Purpose built and all engineered specifically to dominate their own swath of the animal kingdom.  The size variation notwithstanding, each owl, hawk, and eagle commanded the space it occupied with ease and confidence.  It was awesome.

Horizon Wings is a rehabilitation center for birds of prey with the goal of re-releasing these birds back into the wild, while educating the public at the same time.  Mary-Beth, owner, caretaker, raptor whisperer, and all around wonderful woman, along with the help of volunteers helps nurse these raptors back to health so they can once again thrive in the wild.  The majority of the birds that Horizon Wings takes in are generally injured from cars, planes and other unfortunate interactions with mankind.

Below are two of my favorite images from the shoot we did with Horizon Wings.  You can check out the rest here.  Horizon Wings is a non-profit, if you are an educator, you can reach out to them for information about their educational programs.

Golden Eagle Boulder Animal Photography
Great Horned Owl Boulder Animal Photography

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