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Morning Light | Boulder Dog Photography

Morning light hike in the early morning with a dog

I am pretty sure Hunter S. Thompson had it right with his sleeping schedule.  He’d go to bed at 7am and wake up in the afternoon around 3pm and then proceed to do ‘Hunter S. Thompson’ activities for the remaining time he was awake.  Albeit he decided on this schedule for totally different reasons, I really want to adopt it.  Everyone knows the best time of the day to shoot is early, early in the morning and in the evening.  The golden hour.  Well I am starting to favor the early morning a lot more.  Getting up prior to 5am and having that beautiful light to play with right before sunrise is definitely a treat.  It’s almost unfair, everything looks good with that light.

A dog sitting in a field with dew on the grass in the early morning

a pit mix sitting for a picture in the early morning

A dog walking toward the camera in the woods

Black and white wide angle of a dog

Dog on a log at a lake in boulder, co

Images aside, just getting up to watch the sunrise is a real treat.  Why lie in bed waiting for an alarm to start your day when mother nature does it in a much better, much more beautiful way.

A dog sitting on a rock

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