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Super excited to share with you all that our second installment of LICK is now published and available!  LICK PUPPIES!

It’s not everyday you get to hangout with puppies on a daily basis, much-less get to give them peanut butter and take their pictures.  This book is filled with over 60 pictures of puppies doing what they do best. This book is chocked full of the same awesomeness as the first book, just 100x cuter and with a-lot-more-puppies.  So grab yourself a copy, or even better, grab one for your niece of nephew’s birthday, or for your grandma’s birthday.  Trust me, there is nothing like this out on the market(Well, you know, besides the other LICK book we have, which is also awesome and full of rad-ness).

You’ll definitely be a unique gift giver this year.

LICK PUPPIES dog photography book by ty foster
Lick Puppies
Lick Puppies
Puppy rolling around on his back
puppy sticking out his tongue

Lick puppies book in a home

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