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Dogs at Work | A study of the new office

There has been a slow yet progressive evolution of the work environment and the role that dogs play in it.  They are no longer a tertiary aspect of our lives, but rather an equal partnership has begun to take shape. Dogs have made the move from the doghouse to the main house, often sharing the same beds as their owners and now – the same office.

Criss-crossing the United States from Colorado to Connecticut and Massachusetts to California, I’ve seen the integration of ‘mans best friend’ into the workplace – and it’s not just offices, dogs have come to enjoy all kinds of workplaces. Napping along side Bridgeport mills in bike fabrication companies to lounging on couches in movie production studios, they’ve certainly cornered the market on ‘living the life’.  This series is really just a portrait of the modern day dog. To see the project in its entirety, click here.

Gretta and Junior at Dean Bikes

Luka and Diego at the Donners’ Company

Ramona at David Ross Architect


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