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This has been a long time coming.

I’ve been working on this project for close to a year now and between logistics, shooting and retouching, it’s been interesting to see how this project has sort of taken on a life of it’s own.  The original idea was to just create a quick gallery of dogs licking and be done with it.  However the more I thought about it the more sense it made to try and create a book which, inevitably, lead to needing more images and thus finding more dogs to photograph.  Just a quick thank you to all of you who reached out to us with our casting call, a lot of these images would be nonexistent without your help and your four legged companions!  Today if you check out our portfolio, you’ll see the first set of portraits.

We’re pretty amped to have these up and live for you to check out.  In the months to come hopefully we’ll have some time to clean up some additional images and release some information about the Lick book.  Be sure to stay in touch with us on Facebook for more information and as always, have a rad Monday!



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Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue | CT Photographer

I was contacted by Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue to cover one of their training exercises.

CCSAR does several training days a year ,this one specifically was for water rescue.

With the help from broth the Greenwich police department, Soundbeach vol fire department the day was a success!

Just as a side note, the CCSAR is a non-proft.  They rely on generous people to help support them, visit their website to make a donation!

connecticut canine rescue training
greenwich police boat

connecticut canine rescue training

Gaelan, suited up and ready to head out on the boat.

connecticut canine rescue training

From left to right: Karen Pardini +  Ice, Liz Burne + Gaelan and Marian Beland with  Tracer, Ted, ready to push off to Island Beach courtesy of the Greenwich police marine division.


connecticut canine rescue training

connecticut canine rescue training

Ted is all geared up.

dog on boat life vest

Headed out to Island beach to begin training.  When i say these dog LOVE to work, I mean it literally.

ruffwear life vest

connecticut canine rescue training
greenwich police and ccsar

greenwich marine devision

Ice gets ready to unload and begin training.

greenwich marine division

Tom from the Greenwich police department runs over last minute logistics with the Soundbeach Volunteer Fire Department.

connecticut canine rescue training

Prepping the dummy for one of the search exercises.  The dummy will be dropped off shore and submerged containing the human scent.  The dogs will be responsible for heading out on a zodiac and finding it.

connecticut canine rescue training
greenwich marine police

Dummy submersion


Bree Berner looks for a signal from  Sapphire, a curly coated retriever that she has found the training dummy.


Scott, the Chief over at Soundbeach helps navigate the Zodiac.


Clancy, a 4 year old black lab is all business

connecticut canine rescue training
connecticut canine rescue training
search and rescue dog
soundview fire dept

Clancy circles a diver who is 15 feet underwater who acts like a victim for the training session.  Clancy will actual figure eight over the spot where he believes a person is.

black lab rescue dog

black lab rescue dog
ct search and rescue dog

Niamh Coleman rewards Clancy after a job well done!

german shepherd  search and rescue dog dog
german shepherd  search and rescue dog dog
ct search and rescue dog
ct search and rescue dog

Scott Ruskay and Rommel comb the beach while working on an additional training exercise.

ct search and rescue dog
ct search and rescue dog

Read the Greenwich police department press release here.

If you would like to help support CCSAR, check out their website here

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