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The Monday Herd | Images I love

Time to get back on the ‘ol blogging horse.

I am going to ease in with something simple, just an image I love.  For a million reasons, but most notably; the light, her expression, the relationship between her and the dog, a sense of ‘everything is ok’ when you look at this image.  More to come from Candice and Petey, but for now just this one.


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CCSAR | CT Dog photographer

When we are able we love helping out local nonprofit groups.  CCSAR, Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue is one of these groups.  A few months back we were able to attend one of their Search and Rescue water exercises.  It’s amazing how driven and focused these dogs are and how much time and effort all the volunteers have put into their K9s.  We’ve included a new portfolio of these dogs that can be view here: CCSAR

Connecticut Canine search and rescue dog looks off the boat in search of cadaver.  CT dog photography

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Scott Marra - October 12, 2014 - 7:26 pm

Hey Ty!
Awesome photos. I have a rescue myself and just wanted to write a quick note that I appreciate your work. Thats all I got – just a simple thank you.


Tattoos and Dogs for a good Cause

tattooed girl on the beach with her dog

As some or most of you know our Dogs Ink gallery show  is ending this weekend, however before we pull down the images and pack up the show we are wrapping things up with a fundraiser to support the local SPCA.  There will be food + beverages, a raffle , silent auction and a really good time.  Come by check out the show and support a really good cause!

All the info is below:

dogs ink gallery show.  tattooed owners and their dogs

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