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The Monday Herd | Batteries are charged

Happy Monday! We are going to start this week off on the right foot and come clean.  We’ve been on vacation for the past week or so, so this Monday doesn’t seem too ‘monday-ish’ to us.  We also have been feeling a tad guilty that we haven’t been doing much work in the past week. […]

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The Monday Herd | Brand Spank’n New

I love new things.  It dosen’t have to be big or expensive, but just the ‘new’ aspect of things makes me giddy.  I guess I am more amped about the new experience rather than the tangible.  For example;  a new trip or visiting a new place, listening to a new album and banging on whatever […]

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Frick + Frack | CT Pet Photographer

Tucker and Mason what a pair they were! Mason is a lover, and quite possibly the happiest,  biggest smiler the world has ever seen Tucker is a fighter… well until he realized I had an almost infinite supply of treats and I give mean back scratches

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Anita - February 25, 2010 - 10:46 am

I love the fourth from the bottom! I also love Mason’s face in the background of the third from the bottom! lol

What a great pair of Boxers!